Our facilities have been key players in clinical research for over 25 years. The involvement of our practitioners in industrial or institutional research studies, as well as their participation in writing multiple scientific articles, led to obtaining a grant from MERRI* (Missions d’Enseignement, de Recherche, de Référence et d’Innovation) in 2016.

Our aims:

The Research and Innovation department aims to further healthcare quality and understanding, by sponsoring, promoting and collaborating with numerous academic and non-academic institutions across the globe.

Linked to dozens of international medical and scientific associations, investigators at Ambroise Paré, Pierre Cherest, and Hartmann medical and surgical centers participate to numerous studies, facilitated by the Research and Innovation department which oversees legal, administrative, and methodological elements.

This group allows to participate in three types of studies:

  • collaborative studies, sponsored by research groups external to the Research and Innovation group (for example, university hospitals)
  • self-sponsored studies, whether they are collaborative with external groups or not
  • studies funded by the industry and sponsored and promoted by the Research and Innovation group, or studies funded and sponsored by the industry.

Internal and external institutional support:

•  Assist healthcare professionals who are project leads to design clinical research protocols (methodology, writing study documents),

 Obtain approval from health authorities and ethics committees,

 Manage the budget (appropriate study financing, monitoring and evaluating expenses),

 Monitor studies for good clinical practices,

 Organize the data analysis chain (designing data collection notebooks, managing databases, analyzing statistics),

 Communicate project results (scientific or lay publications, conferences).


Implementing studies within the facility within the framework of good clinical practice:

• Pre-selecting and pre-informing patients,

• Monitoring patients,

• Collecting data,

• Managing biological samples,

• Managing treatments and supplies.

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* National grant intended to fund research, teaching, and innovation. It is awarded in recognition of indicators of results or means.