I. Users’ committee


In accordance with the law of March 4, 2002 regarding patient rights and health system quality and the decree of June 1, 2016 regarding healthcare facility Users’ Committees, the Ambroise Paré, Pierre Cherest and Hartmann Clinics have established a Users’ Committee (UC) that is common to all three facilities.


The UC’s mission is to ensure that users’ rights are respected, facilitate their interactions with the clinics and help improve patient care by bringing together user representatives. The Committee is also responsible for investigating patient complaints and claims, responding to them and suggesting areas for improvement. The Committee meets at least once every quarter.


Click here to download a list of User Committee members


  •  Complaints:


The facility staff and management team are available to discuss any comments or complaints you wish to make regarding your care and your stay.


If you experience any problems during your stay, please let the healthcare team know so that they can take any corrective measures needed to address the situation as soon as possible.


You may also write to the facility’s management team: all messages that are received are investigated in collaboration with the medical and nursing teams and will receive a response.

Ambroise Paré and Pierre Cherest Clinics
Hartmann Clinic
Mrs. Pascale PROST
25-27 boulevard Victor Hugo
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
26 boulevard Victor Hugo
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine


Finally, several user representatives are available for any questions or comments you may have regarding the medical, nursing or administrative attention that you received.


levy_jean-paul Jean-Paul LEVY
ADMD Association
 caude Corinne CLAUDE
French-speaking Association for Conquering pain
Tel: 06 84 20 77 41
sebire_catherine Catherine SEBIRE
French-speaking Association for Conquering pain
Tel: 06 15 57 83 83
Françoise LOWA
Association for human organ and tissue donation
Tel: 06 14 98 81 83


In the event that you wish to file a complaint or grievance regarding the organization of your care, your medical management or any other aspect of your experience, you may contact the relevant clinic’s mediator by writing to the management team.


  • Mediation is a tool put into place by law to enable parties to discuss the reasons for their dissatisfaction with their stay. It facilitates the communication of elements of conflict by each individual involved, the expression of mutual acknowledgement and, if possible, the identification of suitable solutions.


II. Ethics committee


Within the framework of continuously improving the quality of care and promoting excellent care, the Ambroise Paré, Pierre Cherest and Hartmann Clinics regularly convene their Ethics committee. A place for discussion and reflection, the committee is composed of doctors, nursing staff and qualified external staff. The aim of this committee is to identify ethical problems encountered by healthcare professionals while carrying out their professional activities. It communicates the recommendations resulting from its discussions to the entire facility staff.


III. Requesting medical files


All requests for medical files must be made in writing to the management team, and should be accompanied by a copy of your identification:

Ambroise Paré and Pierre Cherest Clinics
Hartmann Clinic
Mrs. Pascale PROST
25-27 boulevard Victor Hugo
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
26 boulevard Victor Hugo
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

Information sheet and medical file request form


NB: Medical files are saved for a legally mandated period of 20 years counting from the date of the patient’s last visit or last follow-up appointment.


IV. Trusted individual


At admission, you may designate your trusted individual using a form that will be provided to you by the nursing team. This designation is valid throughout the entirety of your stay and can be revoked at any time.


What is a trusted individual?


The trusted individual can be a family member, your partner, a close friend or even your treating physician. The role of the trusted individual is to:

  • accompany you during the process and support you during your medical appointments
  • be consulted by the doctors regarding your wishes if you are not able to be consulted.


The trusted individual’s role becomes crucial if your health status no longer allows you to express your opinion or communicate your decisions. In this situation, the medical team is required by law to consult the trusted individual as a matter of priority before making any decision.


Your trusted individual should not be confused with your emergency contact, who will be contacted by phone if your health status deteriorates.


V. Advance directives


Any individuals of the age of majority may, if they so wish, create an advance directive specifying their wishes regarding end-of-life care in the event that they are no longer able to communicate their wishes.


Healthcare professionals are required by law to respect advance directives. These directives are valid indefinitely, and can be revoked or modified at any time.


Advance directives allow you to express your preferences, notably regarding:

  • Limitation or cessation of ongoing treatment
  • Resuscitation if needed
  • Use of artificial respiration
  • Surgical intervention
  • Pain management, even if this involves palliative sedation.


In order for your directives to be taken into account, it is essential that you make them known to your loved ones, trusted individual or treating physician.


Advance directive form

VI. General data protection regulation


We attest that the collection and handling of your data, entered into the website www.ambroisepare.fr, are in compliance with the modified data protection law of 6/01/78 and European regulation 2016/679 of 4/27/2016 related to personal data protection.


What happens to the personal data we collect:

When registering for preadmission online, the patient will be asked to provide his or her personal data. If the patient does not wish to provide this information, he or she will not be able to create an account.

The Ambroise Paré SMC may send you an optional ESATIS satisfaction questionnaire (anonymous survey) via the email address that you provide.

Your email address may also be used for communication campaigns. Your consent will be requested before any emails are sent.


Who has access to the data collected during online admission?

Only Ambroise Paré Clinic services have access to the data, and only for the purposes of carrying out their respective roles.


How long do you save the data collected during online admission?

We only save your data long enough to complete follow-up, in accordance with legal guidelines.


How are my data protected?

We take every precaution to protect the safety and confidentiality of your data, notably to prevent them from being misrepresented, damaged, divulged or accessed by unauthorized third parties.


What are my rights with regards to the data protection law and General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679?

In accordance with French and European regulations regarding personal data protection, you have the right to access, correct, contradict and suppress any of your personal data, the right to define what happens to patient data after death and the right to choose whether the Ambroise Paré SMC may send (or not send) your data to a previously indicated third party.

When a patient dies, Ambroise Paré SMC commits to destroying his or her data, unless it is necessary to save them or to comply with a legal obligation such as saving the patient file.


You can exercise these rights at Ambroise Paré SMC by contacting us by email at dpo@clinique-a-pare.fr or by mail at the following address, including a copy of your identification:

Ambroise Paré SMC

Legal department

27 boulevard Victor Hugo



DPO contact information

If you have any questions or wish to make a complaint regarding the protection of your personal data, you can contact us in writing at the following address: Ambroise Paré SMC – Legal department – 27 boulevard Victor Hugo 92200 NEUILLY SUR SEINE or by email at: dpo@clinique-a-pare.fr