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Working for the Ambroise Paré, Pierre Cherest and Hartmann Clinics means having access to the entire team that participates and collaborates in caring for our patients: healthcare, supportive care, hospitality, management, the administrative team, the technical staff, etc.

Our human resources policy

Joining the Ambroise Paré, Pierre Cherest and Hartmann Clinics means working as part of a dynamic, cohesive and expert team.

Personal development and career progression of our employees:

Our investment in professional training at both the individual and the team level facilitates our employees’ personal development and allows them to gain skills. Individual progression and project creation are also opportunities for internal mobility and development.

Your personal information:

We attest that the collection and handling of your data, entered into the website, are in compliance with the modified data protection law of 6/01/78 and European regulation 2016/679 of 4/27/2016 related to personal data protection. Your personal data will be:

  • Used within the framework of recruitment
  • Saved if your application may be of interest at a later date if a position becomes available

Only those individuals involved in the recruitment process will have access to your information. The data will be automatically destroyed two years after the final contact with the candidate. You have the right to access, correct and add to these data, as well as the right to deny processing of your personal data. For more information, click here