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Compassionate care, empathy, and the quality of care that we provide our patients every day are our most important requirements.

Our social plan aims to constantly improve the satisfaction of our staff members as well as our patients.

The plan aims to convey humane values and is based on the strong values prioritized by the Group and its facilities.

Joining our team means adhering to these values and becoming part of a friendly working group in which every member can experience fulfillment and growth, as well as a clear team spirit.

Being a part of our team means being able to develop your skills (activities, experiences) and sharing a common passion for patient care.


The activities of the Ambroise Paré, Pierre Cherest and Hartmann clinics are currently divided between three sites in Neuilly sur Seine. Each year, these three sites welcome close to 50,000 patients on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Joining us now also means being a part of new developments that are underway.

The construction of a new facility that will bring together the activities of all three clinics in Neuilly sur Seine is in progress.

The three clinics, AMBROISE PARE, PIERRE CHEREST and HARTMANN, are being combined into a single facility. We are constructing the largest clinic in western Paris (work to be completed in the 1st quarter of 2022). Still based in Neuilly-sur-Seine, this new facility will be located only about 100 meters from the Ambroise Paré, Pierre Cherest and Hartmann clinics.

The goal of this reorganization is to enhance our efficiency and the quality of patient care.

A facility dedicated to the musculoskeletal system will also be created as part of this reorganization.

This project is firmly rooted in our policy of maintaining team loyalty by redefining and reorganizing what has always been our biggest strength: unified, enthusiastic, and proactive teams.


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