Save time by opting for online admission


You will be admitted to one of our facilities: Ambroise Paré, Pierre Cherest or Hartmann Clinic.

To take care of administrative requirements easily and prepare for your stay, you can complete your admission online without needing to leave the comfort of your home.

ATTENTION: if your anesthesia consultation and date of admission are within the next 6 working days, you cannot complete your admission online; it will need to be completed in person at the clinic.


As early as possible prior to your anesthesia consultation and date of admission:

Provide us with a color copy of both sides of:

  • an official form of national identification (identification card, passport, residence permit, etc.)
  • your national health insurance card and valid proof of insurance (from within the last 3 months), certification of a work accident or any other evidence justifying your need for healthcare
  • your complementary, private or CMUC health insurance card


In addition, in the case of an inpatient:

  • without health insurance or whose treatment is not covered by his or her health insurance: the quote provided by your doctor,
  • who is a minor (under 18 years): identification for his or her legal representatives (both parents with parental authority or legal guardian), family record book and, if needed, excerpt from the ruling stipulating exclusive parental authority*,
  • incapacitated adult: identification for his or her guardian or conservator, ruling placing him or her under guardianship or conservatorship*.


*The presence of at least a legal representative is required at all stages of the process. Permission to operate must be signed by each of the legal representatives.


Importantly, before you begin:

  • If you completed your admission file after your anesthesia consultation, you do not need to complete your admission online,
  • if your anesthesia consultation or your date of admission are within the next 6 working days, you may not complete your admission online; you must complete your file at the clinic on the day of your appointment,
  • please provide a mobile telephone number to enable you to electronically sign some documents that are required for your file,
  • ensure that you have a scanner or photocopier available to copy the required documents.


Incomplete files will not be transferred to the clinic via our secure system.

Your personal data:
We attest that the collection and handling of your data, entered into the website, are in compliance with the modified data protection law of 6/01/78 and European regulation 2016/679 of 4/27/2016 related to personal data protection.
The Ambroise Paré – Pierre Cherest – Hartmann Surgical Medical Centers may have access to some or all of the following data:
  • Last name (and last name at birth), first name, birth date
  • Telephone number, email address, mailing address
  • Password
For more information regarding what happens to your personal data, where they are sent, how they are protected, how long they are saved and your rights regarding these data, click here.