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Our values:


We achieve these principles through a policy of creating loyal healthcare teams in a context of a local shortage and by redefining and renewing what has always been our strength, namely a team of united healthcare providers providing a wide range of services, supported by the managerial team. In the years to come, this structural organization will form the basis for strengthening our optimization of patient care, both qualitatively and financially.


What we offer

Structured teams that enable you to practice comfortably within a safe environment. Generally speaking, candidates will join one of these teams.  

  • Equipment enabling you to be at the cutting edge of your field:
    • Two CT scanners and two of the latest generation MRI machines
    • A surgical unit with 29 operating rooms that accommodates scheduled and emergency surgeries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • A 4-room interventional radiotherapy department
    • An interventional rhythmology department
    • Robotic surgery capability
    • ENT lasers
    • An exploratory and interventional ophthalmology unit
    • Equipment for complete care of bone-joint conditions
    • A 16-bed resuscitation room
    • A 25-bed CCU
  • Safe practice:
    • A team of 20 anesthesiologists-resuscitation specialists
    • A team of 5 cardiac resuscitation specialists that provide cardiac monitoring and resuscitation supervision 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • A personalized and welcoming environment for your patients:
    • Private or shared rooms
    • An attentive team: nurses and healthcare assistants trained in your specialty, housekeeping staff, maid service, dieticians
    • Multidisciplinary outpatient service

Joining us means making a winning bet on your future in private medical practice and providing the best care for your patients.