See what some of our patients have to say about their stay at our facilities.


A fast care, a caring and attentive staff. I felt reassured despite my fears. I received very good post-operative advice and the surgeon was keen to see how the healing was progressing at 15 days.


Very warm welcome on arrival, both by the teams of nurses and caregivers and by the doctors themselves.
Clear explanations during hospitalization, which inspires confidence.


Staff attentive and available despite their workload. Short waiting time. Good care. Simple administrative procedures.


Excellence in hospitality, care and staff. Better than good meals and especially accurately labeled dishes, which taste like what is advertised on the label.


I felt taken in hand and well supervised by the different members of the care team (surgeon, nurses, physiotherapist?). Extremely positive point: follow-up by a coordinating nurse after the discharge, regular calls allowing to exchange and possibly adapt the treatment, with the opinion of the surgeon.


All the staff (housekeeping, meals, nurses, doctors, surgeon) were extremely kind. They not only perform the care but go beyond and really work with and for the patient. The extreme kindness and consideration of the patient is what I will remember from this stay. Huge thanks for that.


Personnel très attentionné et aimable. Ecoute des besoins du patient.


Excellent professionnalisme mettant en confiance dans un environnement satisfaisant Heureux et content d'avoir été soigné dans votre clinique. Merci.


La gentillesse et l'écoute de l'équipe soignante tant sur le service ambulatoire qu'au bloc operatoire


Un très bon accueil dès l'accueil Des Infirmiers au top. Des explications claires des soignants. Pas de douleurs après l'intervention.