The Hartmann radiotherapy and radiosurgery center treats patients whose conditions require radiotherapeutic and radiosurgical care. It is authorized to do so by the Regional Health Agency (Agence Régionale de Santé). The Center is situated in the Hartmann Oncology Institute building, at the IHFB site, and, together with its partners, the Ambroise Paré and Hartmann Clinics, provides supplemental radiotherapy care.


Address: 4 rue Kléber - 92300 Levallois-Perret


Each year, more than 2,800 patients are treated at our facility by the center’s medical and paramedical teams using a complete technology platform that includes, in particular, four linear particle accelerators. Due to the expertise of our physicians and the modernity of our equipment, we are able to provide the most appropriate treatments in an environment that is regularly evaluated for safety and quality. This emphasis on the quality and safety of care is at the heart of the strategy of the facility, which is equipped with all the means necessary to maintain a level of care that meets our patients’ reasonable expectations. Like all radiotherapy centers, the Hartmann center is subject to rigorous regulation designed to offer the greatest reassurance to patients. We are evaluated yearly by the Nuclear Safety Authority (Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire, ASN), which publishes its visit reports on its website and to which all adverse events are reported.

Radiotherapy is a cancer treatment. It involves exposing the cancerous cells within a tumor to radiation to destroy them or prevent them from multiplying. This radiation is produced by particle accelerators for external irradiation and by radioactive sources for internal irradiation (also known as curietherapy). Approximately 60% of patients with cancer receive this type of treatment. Radiotherapy is often used in combination with other treatments – surgery and chemotherapy – within the framework of therapeutic protocols agreed upon during Multidisciplinary Team Meetings (Réunions de Concertation Pluridisciplinaire, RCPs).

Radiosurgery or stereotatic radiotherapy is a recent technique used by radiotherapists. It is a noninvasive approach used to treat arteriovenous malformations, benign tumors (acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, hypophyseal adenomas) and cancers (primarily brain metastases, more rarely gliomas) without surgery. The particle beam, which is ultra-focused with submillimeter precision, is used instead of a scalpel to preserve healthy tissues.

Patient treatment within the Center is based on multidisciplinary team meetings that bring together health professionals from different specialties involved in cancer treatment: oncologists, radiation therapists, radiology specialists, radiologists, organ-specific specialists, anatomical pathologists, technicians, health and quality management specialists, etc. These meetings constitute the basis of optimal care for the patient with cancer.

Our Center uses the following equipment to provide patient care:

  • 4 linear particle accelerators
    • 1 Clinic TrueBeam machines equipped for stereotactic surgery (1st quarter 2017)
    • 3 Clinac iX machines equipped with OBI and IGRT technology
  • 1 robotic accelerator for radiosurgery – Cyberknife
  • 1 virtual simulation scanogram
  • 1 system for digital treatment planning
  • 1 system for determining and checking treatment parameters
  • 1 complete, modern suite of tools for radiophysical control of the devices