The Ambroise Paré, Pierre Cherest, and Hartmann Clinics have two physical therapy services.


Ambroise Paré and Pierre Cherest Clinics physical therapy service

The Ambroise Paré and Pierre Cherest Clinics physical therapy service is comprised of eight state-certified physical therapists, two of whom are osteopaths. The physical therapists work within both clinic, as well as the balenotherapy office at the Ambroise Paré Clinic. Our team provides medically prescribed physical therapy in the immediate post-operative period. We work with the following departments: resuscitation, heart surgery, lower limb orthopedics, upper limb orthopedics, abdominal and urological surgery, as well as dialysis and the CICU. To ensure quality and continuity of care, our services are available in the clinics 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For each service, the physical therapists have received additional training and are specialist in their fields:


Ambroise Paré Clinic

Resuscitation and heart surgery:

Jean-Claude Ballarin and Maxence Burelle (BS in physical therapy, specializing in respiratory and cardiovascular physical therapy at Paris Descartes University – members of the Society for Physical Therapy in Resuscitation (Société de Kinésithérapie en Réanimation, S.K.R.)), Caroline Bonas and Pierre Fouchereau.



Jean-Claude Ballarin, Maxence Burelle, Pierre Fouchereau, Nicolas Duval, Laura Le Guern, Amaury Poitou (trained in Manual Therapy at ITMP), Yuthiridh Thiounn. Patients who undergo outpatient procedures are seen by M. Poitou.


Urology-abdominal surgery:

Nicolas Duval, Yuthiridh Thiounn. Dialysis: Laura Le Guern (trained in Manual Therapy at ITMP). Heart medicine and U.D.I.C.: Maxence Burelle, Pierre Fouchereau, Laura Le Guern, Yuthiridh Thiounn.


Pierre Cherest Clinic


Amaury Poitou.


Physical therapy and balneotherapy office:

The rehabilitation service also provides its services from an office situated in the Ambroise Paré Clinic. This office treats patients who live nearby and requires physical therapy or osteopathy services. It is equipped with a balneotherapy facility, three consultation rooms and a weight bench. The conditions treated are general in nature, ranging from neurology to trauma.


Hartmann Clinic rehabilitation service

The Hartmann Clinic physical therapy team oversees the rehabilitation of all of the patients treated at the clinic and other individuals by appointment. The team is comprised of four state-certified physical therapists who have also received training in specific treatments. The office is situated on the second floor of the Hartmann Clinic and includes four physical therapy rooms, one consultation room and an orthopedic treatment area.


Hartmann Clinic physical therapy treatment specialties

Lymphatic drainage, breast cancer and cosmetic care: Frédéric Guyot and Sihem Flici (AKTL members, Cognac-Jay training, LPG endermolab treatment):

  • Manual lymphatic drainage (Leduc and Vodert method).
  • Pressure rolling scar treatment (manual or LPG method).
  • Joint recovery.
  • Neuropathies (physiotherapy treatment and partial or whole-body cryotherapy).
  • Muscular readaptation by balneotherapy (Ambroise Paré Clinic or Villa Borghèse retirement home in Courbevoie).
  • Supportive wrapping (single bandage or multilayered and self-bandaging).


Orthopedic treatment:

Tanguy Dournelle and Aurélien Boyer

  • Post-surgical or post-trauma.
  • Joint recovery (arthromotor or postural).
  • Muscle recovery (electrostimulation, powerplate, proprioception).
  • Circulatory treatment by cryotherapy (Easy Cryo or whole-body).
  • Readaptation by balneotherapy (Ambroise Paré Clinic or the Villa Borghèse retirement home in Courbevoie).
  • Strapping and taping.


Rheumatology treatment:

Tanguy Dournelle, Aurélien Boyer and Sihem Flici

  • Arthrosis treatment (physiotherapy, massage, gentle and active mobilization).
  • Spinal pain prevention and treatment, back school.
  • Chronic inflammatory syndromes (tendinitis, arthritis, etc.).


Other available treatments:

  • Neurology: CVA, Parkinson’s syndrome, peripheral nervous system disorders, etc.
  • Pediatrics: bronchiolitis, scoliosis, orthopedic treatment, etc.
  • Pulmonology: asthma, bronchial dilation, COPD, etc.
  • Urology-gynecology: perineal and sphincter rehabilitation (at the Villa Borghèse retirement home in Courbevoie).

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