Consultation for your cardiac insufficiency

The Ambroise Paré Clinic offers scheduled appointments and emergency consultations to treat your cardiac insufficiency. A team of specialists trained in cardiac insufficiency, including a cardiologist, a specialist nurse, a nurse care coordinator, and a geriatrician, will oversee your care.

Consultation for your chronic cardiac insufficiency

If you suffer from chronic cardiac insufficiency, you can join the Ambroise Paré Clinic care program to be seen every month by a specialized cardiologist who will review your treatment and adapt it to your current condition.

Emergency consultation for your cardiac insufficiency

Our institution also offers emergency appointments to respond immediately to a cardiac insufficiency crisis. Our specialists will identify and treat the triggering factor or factors and recommend a tailored plan of care.

Make an appointment

Make an appointment by calling the cardiac insufficiency nurse at 01 46 41 36 41.