Wellbeing workshops

In collaboration with different associations, we host wellbeing workshops for our current and former chemotherapy patients.

Oncology and aesthetics workshops


Group workshops

Volunteer aestheticians are here to guide you and give you advice and tips. They will answer your questions and share their expertise with good humor and professionalism. The one and only goal is to share a moment of wellbeing in a friendly environment to help you regain your confidence and self-esteem. The products used have been chosen for their moisturizing properties and are designed for sensitive, fragile skin. They have been donated by well-known cosmetics brands, and each participant will receive a taken-home bag containing a collection of these products.

“Bright spot” workshops (Les ateliers de l’Embellie)


Sophrology relaxation

Private workshops

Sophrology helps you regain a better physical and psychological equilibrium by controlling and developing breathing, body relaxation and positive visualization. It enables you to discover your own abilities to help you feel more upbeat and at peace on a daily basis.

Group workshops

The session begins with a time for conversation and listening, to adapt the exercises as much as possible to the people who are present and to better address their needs that day. Sophrology informs the exercises chosen and approved by the participants. The session ends with conversation. No contraindication/specific outfit is required. Come as you are !

To register : https://vu.fr/siNK 

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