Skin cancers notably include melanomas and cutaneous carcinomas, common tumors that can affect patients of all ages. They require specialized care, making multidisciplinary expertise important to guarantee optimal treatment that is in line with the latest recommendations.

The Skin Cancer Center at the Hartmann Clinic offers its patients expert care that combines surgical and medical techniques (immunotherapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and supportive care). The oncodermatology team is part of a multifaceted organization that confers together at Multidisciplinary Cooperative Meetings to ensure that the best diagnostic, therapeutic, and monitoring strategies are applied at every stage of care.

This cross-disciplinary care, combining medical-surgical knowledge and access to different technical platforms within the center, means that we can provide each patient with a personalized care plan.

The doctors welcome you in their practice situated 15 rue Bartholdi in Boulogne Billancourt