Master of Biological and Medical Sciences (MSBM) in Biostatistics and Modelling, 2002.
Master of Biological and Medical Sciences (MSBM) in Clinical and Epidemiological Research Methodology, 2003.
European Board of Ophthalmology: May 2011.
Diploma of Specialized Studies: October 9, 2012.
Thesis: Reliability of topographic evaluation in keratoconus, October 5, 2012, very honorable mention.
State Diploma of Doctor of Medicine: October 9, 2012.
University diploma: Adaptation in contact lenses, June 2014
Interuniversity diploma: Phacoemulsification and refractive surgery, June 2015



Acute sectoral choroidal ischemia: a case report Elluard M., Sitbon A., Barreau E. J Fr Ophtalmol; 2013 Feb;36


Repeatability of Keratometry Measurements Obtained With Three Topographers in Keratoconic and Normal Corneas.. Guilbert E, Saad A, Elluard M, Grise-Dulac A, Rouger H, Gatinel D. J Refract Surg. 2016 Mar


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