Living with colorectal cancer – interview with Dr. Cessot


Discover Resilience’s interview with Dr Cessot, medical oncologist at Groupe Hospitalier Privé Ambroise Paré-Hartmann.

The doctor answers the following questions:

  • How can colorectal cancer and its treatment impact daily life?
  • What is a stoma?
  • Is a stoma (the connection of a piece of the intestine to the skin) a compulsory part of life when you have colon or rectal cancer?
  • Are there any special precautions to be taken when wearing a stoma, and generally speaking, how long does it last?
  • Is adapted nutrition available?
  • What are the recommendations for preserving intimacy?
  • What is daily life like for colorectal cancer patients, especially in the workplace?
  • What’s the current state of research into colorectal cancer, particularly immunotherapy?