The My Fert Program

The Pierre Cherest’s Assisted Reproductive Technology center is ranked third for private establishments in Île-de-France, with an MAP success rate of 20.2% (according to the Agency of Biomedicine - 2016/2017)

In order to continue to provide the best care for patients who wish to become pregnant, the Pierre Cherest clinic offers a fertility test: My Fert.

Our My Fert program provides a 2-hour fertility test. A simplified, complete, and multidisciplinary test procedure including medical consultation, biological exams, and any necessary imaging will be carried out. The results from this comprehensive exploration will be delivered and explained to you by a gynecologist specializing in fertility at the Medically Assisted Procreation center at the Pierre Cherest clinic.

The tests:   

  •     Biological test
  •     Imaging test

The consultations:

  •     Dietician/tobacco treatment specialist
  •     Biologist
  •     Gynecologist

Book an appointment online for your fertility test today.


Available without a referral from your primary care provider, the My Fert fertility test costs €200 outside of national healthcare coverage.


Testing procedure

Once you have made an appointment online, we will send you a questionnaire that you should fill out completely and bring with you on the day of the appointment.

After the questionnaire is analyzed, the patient will meet with a gynecologist specializing in Medically Assisted Procreation.

When the My Fert fertility test has been completed, a report detailing your fertility profile, as well as personalized recommendations for conception, will be delivered to you during a telehealth appointment with your gynecologist. The test results will also be sent to your primary care provider. If any abnormalities are discovered by the My Fert test, we will recommend that you consult a specialist at our MAP center for further investigation.